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Hello and welcome to the comm. =) Just like the quick name and the long name say - "caps" of the Doctorr Beckett from Stargate Atlantis. To any Quantum Leap or Castle fans who've accidentally ventured here, hi!!

Anyone can post here, as long as you follow the tagging system and you can make some of your own tags...if you are unable to do so, never fear Caz is here to do exactly that!

As of September 2007, ALL Paul McGillion screencaps allowed.

Posts with pictures containing spoiler content should have the words SPOILER ENTRY but there is no tag for it.

Feel free to add to episodes already capped and help out with non-spoiler posts. Anyone who doesn't want their caps to be nicked or want credit will write this in their post and I will also mention it here.

DO NOT post caps that are not your own. Caps that you are posting on behalf of other people MUST have the original cappers permission/credit.


HyperCaz's policy: you can nick my caps and use them, but it would be nice if you directed a couple of people this way.

Stargate Atlantis


Season 2 DVD Profile - first lot and second lot (375 pics) [HyperCaz]

3x02 - Misbegotten (29 pics) [HyperCaz]

3x03 - Irresistible (29 pics) [HyperCaz]

3x04 - Sateda (18 pics) [HyperCaz]

3x06 - The Real World (20 pics) [HyperCaz]

3x07 - Common Ground (17 pics) [HyperCaz]

3x09 - Phantoms (36 pics) [HyperCaz]

3x10 - The Return Pt 1 (30 pics) [HyperCaz]

3x11 - The Return Pt 2 (34 pics) [HyperCaz]

3x12 - Echoes (52 pics) [HyperCaz]

3x13 - Irresponsible (55 pics) [HyperCaz]

3x14 - Tao of Rodney (82 pics) [HyperCaz] (by airing order)

3x16 - The Ark (51 pics) [HyperCaz]

3x17 - Sunday (206 pics) [HyperCaz]

4x18 - The Kindred Pt 1 (25 pics) [HyperCaz]

4x19 - The Kindred Pt 2 - first lot and second lot (354 pics) [HyperCaz]

5x02 - The Seed (312 pics) [HyperCaz]


3x11 - The Return Pt 2 (10 pics) [HyperCaz]

3x12 - Echoes (11 pics) [HyperCaz]

3x13 - Irresponsible (12 pics) [HyperCaz]

3x14 - Tao of Rodney (16 pics) [HyperCaz]

Jake 2.0

1x11 - The Prince and the Revolution (64 pics) [HyperCaz]


1x06 (87 pics) [HyperCaz]


2x09 - Obsession (53 pics + 7 large versions) [HyperCaz]


2x12 - Insurgence (49 pics + 13 large versions) [HyperCaz]

Misc. Paul

Gateworld Message #1 (63 pics) [HyperCaz]

Gateworld Message #2 (272 pics) [HyperCaz]



Once Upon A Time 1x17 (76 pics)

Hello again! I can't watch anything without our thunk appearing, it seems. This time Paul McGillion popped up in Once Upon A Time as, amusingly, the Knave of Hearts. Keeper of hearts, more like. 

Photobucket has sized my work down a little, but I used an HD copy to procure these freeze frames so you won't be squinting for the pretty. :) :)

76 pics, clickable thumbnails.

You knave!Collapse )

Alcatraz 1x01 (34 pics)

Imagine my surprise this week when I sat down to watch the pilot episode of Alcatraz to find Paul McGillion in a tiny part in the last 10 minutes! 

34 pics arrayed in clickable thumbnails. Photobucket is my host.

Minor spoilers for Alcatraz 1x01.

pics this way!Collapse )


Iron Invader (257 pics) [part 2]

So apparently this needed to be done in two parts. Sadface. 

257 caps from the crappy SyFy film Iron Invader. I seem to have snapped several terrible facial expressions of Kavan Smith, but that's not who I was capping for... ;) 

Friendly clickable thumbs. Fullsize of each cap comes to 800kb. Let me know if you want the 1mb versions uploaded.

Iron Invader (257 pics) [part 1]

Wow, this is one of the worst films I've seen in a while. It was manageable only because of the very familiar cast. :D SyFy's originals get a bad wrap for a very good reason lol... anyway, I bring to you 257 caps off a supposed "blu ray" which is probably more of an HD rip off TV but we'll never know for sure. There aren't any TV logos. Spoilers, obviously, though it's been out for a few months. Not that you'd want to see it...

Photobucket has sized down the caps to 800kb each (fullsize view only), so if someone wants the original 1mb sizes let me know... it takes a little more time to upload on MU. 

Clickable thumbnails under the cut. 

So Major Lorne, Doctor Porter and Doctor Beckett go back to Earth for 90 minutes...Collapse )

Captain Starship trailer (26 pics)

26 quick caps taken from the Captain Starship trailer off the official facebook page. Link here. These pics will contain spoilers for the clip! :D Do watch the trailer, because it is quite funny.

Clickable thumbnails.

No bandwidth warnings on this one - the whole lot in full size view is a comfortable 8.5mb. :)

caps this way! :)Collapse )

1x01-1x02 - Rising (309 pics) [part 2]

The second lot of 309 caps I took of a blu-ray rip of SGA's "Rising" - both parts of the episode.

Clickable thumbnails but be warned that 100% view of every cap will set you back 1mb each - but those are resized by photobucket. As I mentioned in the other post, I have uploaded 104 caps already in the original sizes in a 145.55mb RAR pack on megaupload. Download here.

EDIT: second lot of 104 caps in 146mb rar here. Third lot (101 caps, 125mb) to be downloaded here.


1x01-1x02 - Rising (309 pics) [part 1]

An insanely long amount of time has passed since I properly maintained this com... and alas, the show has since been cancelled. Sadface. But now I bring you blu-ray quality screencaps from 1x01-1x02 "Rising" to enjoy. :D I admit some pics are a case of "Where's Wally/Waldo?" but it's interesting to see what our Scot was doing in the background!

INFO AND WARNINGS: Here be clickable thumbnails which are bandwidth safe. HOWEVER, if you click and load every single one at 100% size on photobucket, your bandwidth may be in for a shock. The website sized them down to a health 1mb each. I am working on uploading them at original sizes (roughly 1.4mb each and big enough to serve as desktop backgrounds). 

So far, I have uploaded the first 104 caps in a 145.55mb RAR. You can download that here. No password.

EDIT: second lot of 104 caps in 146mb rar here. Third lot (101 caps, 125mb) to be downloaded here.


flashback to 2004! :DCollapse )

Supernatural 5x05 (85 pics)

wow it's been a while!! Anyway, I thought I'd offer up 85 caps of Paul in the latest episode of Supernatural.


caps here :D (clickable thumbnails)Collapse )

5x07 - Whispers (401 pics) [second lot]

Last 150 caps for Carson-lovers! =) SPOILERS FOR WHISPERS.

These are set out in a table of clickable thumbnails.


caps caps and more caps...Collapse )

5x07 - Whispers (401 pics) [first lot]

Again, I apologise for delay. I loved this episode. Anyway, first 250 caps from "Whispers", the latest SGA episode. SPOILERS AHOY.

Prepare for teh yummeh.

Photobucket in its infinite wisdom has decided to work the way I want it to - so an unmessed-up table of clickable thumbnails!

250 out of 401 caps! =DCollapse )