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Hello and welcome to the comm. =) Just like the quick name and the long name say - "caps" of the Doctorr Beckett from Stargate Atlantis. To any Quantum Leap or Castle fans who've accidentally ventured here, hi!!

Anyone can post here, as long as you follow the tagging system and you can make some of your own tags...if you are unable to do so, never fear Caz is here to do exactly that!

As of September 2007, ALL Paul McGillion screencaps allowed.

Posts with pictures containing spoiler content should have the words SPOILER ENTRY but there is no tag for it.

Feel free to add to episodes already capped and help out with non-spoiler posts. Anyone who doesn't want their caps to be nicked or want credit will write this in their post and I will also mention it here.

DO NOT post caps that are not your own. Caps that you are posting on behalf of other people MUST have the original cappers permission/credit.


HyperCaz's policy: you can nick my caps and use them, but it would be nice if you directed a couple of people this way.

Stargate Atlantis


Season 2 DVD Profile - first lot and second lot (375 pics) [HyperCaz]

3x02 - Misbegotten (29 pics) [HyperCaz]

3x03 - Irresistible (29 pics) [HyperCaz]

3x04 - Sateda (18 pics) [HyperCaz]

3x06 - The Real World (20 pics) [HyperCaz]

3x07 - Common Ground (17 pics) [HyperCaz]

3x09 - Phantoms (36 pics) [HyperCaz]

3x10 - The Return Pt 1 (30 pics) [HyperCaz]

3x11 - The Return Pt 2 (34 pics) [HyperCaz]

3x12 - Echoes (52 pics) [HyperCaz]

3x13 - Irresponsible (55 pics) [HyperCaz]

3x14 - Tao of Rodney (82 pics) [HyperCaz] (by airing order)

3x16 - The Ark (51 pics) [HyperCaz]

3x17 - Sunday (206 pics) [HyperCaz]

4x18 - The Kindred Pt 1 (25 pics) [HyperCaz]

4x19 - The Kindred Pt 2 - first lot and second lot (354 pics) [HyperCaz]

5x02 - The Seed (312 pics) [HyperCaz]


3x11 - The Return Pt 2 (10 pics) [HyperCaz]

3x12 - Echoes (11 pics) [HyperCaz]

3x13 - Irresponsible (12 pics) [HyperCaz]

3x14 - Tao of Rodney (16 pics) [HyperCaz]

Jake 2.0

1x11 - The Prince and the Revolution (64 pics) [HyperCaz]


1x06 (87 pics) [HyperCaz]


2x09 - Obsession (53 pics + 7 large versions) [HyperCaz]


2x12 - Insurgence (49 pics + 13 large versions) [HyperCaz]

Misc. Paul

Gateworld Message #1 (63 pics) [HyperCaz]

Gateworld Message #2 (272 pics) [HyperCaz]



5x02 - The Seed (312 pics)

Sorry for the delay, I honestly thought I'd already posted this!! Whoops. And yay! New episode, new things to cap, SPOILERS of course. =D I will put out a "non-spoiler" edition later.

And guess what? In proper order this time! Although a few are out of place, which is photobucket's fault, however it should be a lot easier to check out this time.


Sanctuary 1x06 (87 pics)

Just warming up for SGA episodes to come shortly!! Exciting. Anyway, for those who are keen on Wexford. ;) 

I apologise, I still haven't got the hang of this stupid image thingy, so they are in reverse order. Again. LOL. Scroll to the bottom and work your way up. Sorry!! =D


Once again a huge bunch of caps, so in two lots. I apologise for the reverse order thing, but I promise next time I post a cap table, it won't happen.

reverse order. some out of place. clickable thumbnails
two lots, too many. clickable thumbnails. reverse order. some out of place.

4x18 - The Kindred Pt 1 (25 pics)

I made a bet with someone that I could glean 25 caps out of the last few seconds of Pt 1. I am 80% sure that I won. =D

Obviously, SPOILERS for Stargate Atlantis 4x18, even though the mere existence of this post is spoilerish. o_O

For those of you who have mechanic!Paul fantasies...

Please note, I will get around to posting my Kindred caps, but it may...take some effort. lol.


Kindred Pt 1

Now that Carson's back-any chance of caps for this ep? 

 you'll find in the LJ cut 49 normal sized pics and the links to 13 HUUUUUUUGE pics.